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Source A:
Mini Disc --- Radioshack Lavalier Omni-directional > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Left-Seating / 3 rows from floor general admission approx: 30' to left of stacks
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes: Originally, this was the show that was scheduled for Sept. 11th, 2001 but was postponed due to close-minded, fundamentalist insanity. Friends of mine traveled 6 hours to the venue only to turn around & go back 6 hours, then come back & do the same thing two days later - all to see Tool this night. This show is real...I don't know...special. In my opinion, given the circumstances of the events in the world just 2 days prior, this was one of, if not the, most intense show Tool has ever performed - at least in 2001. Although I am quite biased, you can hear it, we felt it - whatever it was - that feeling that 'what the fuck was next?' Just being at a Tool show after the eve of World War III, as reported by MJK, is enough to make you really listen & try to understand a little bit more not just Tool's music but also your life... at least, at that time. As for the recording, the sound is a little brick walled &  is a little 'muddy' due to the limitations of the microphones used. There is a little layer of crowd talking & after the gig, a long post-show of observations, not all being very intelligent but humorous at least. The sound is not the best, not the worst but is one of the 2 verified recordings of this performance. The whole vibe of this show is one to ponder upon, I find myself, even years later, coming back to this show to listen to over & over again. It is fair to mention that about the first 5 or 6 shows after the Sept. 11th attacks were/are interesting to listen to. MJK had his face painted half-blue for this show, for those that care. I do not recall any other dates, previous in 2001, that Maynard painted his face/body - do you think maybe the world situation changed something?
Note 2:
There are  many copies of this source out there as some people converted this show to MP3 and/or mislabeled the source information. Although I would not recommend this version over others, I would think that the complete-collector would find interest in this recording  -at least the source information will be correct ;o) Those versions were traded out to a total of 5 traders, originally. All versions after the initial 5 have no errors that I am aware of; they are mastered smoothly but who knows where they ended up now after all this time.

"I'm assuming, that everyone here would like to get home safely. So we need the crowd, up in the front here to take two steps back. Two steps back. Two steps back. Now add two more steps, four steps back. One more, five steps back. Two steps, five steps. Good move. We are the Scott-Hill Clown Band, thank you very much for coming"
(as an unintelligent individual shouts "what? what? what?")
"So how many of you would like to take the non-conformists oath? So repeat after me, think for yourself. Question authority. Strive to be different. Strive to be unique. And never repeat things that other people say"  
(almost everyone in the venue repeated the oath...odd, considering the timing; the crowd is picked up very nicely - you can hear my buddy Ryan repeating MJK's words)
MJK: "Thank you very much. We're finding it very, uh, understandably, we're finding it very very difficult to concentrate tonight. On the, this, on the eve of the third world war..."
MJK: "You all are going to be really bummed out when you find out it was the USA that did it, ok? This is a time to kind of remember why it is you do what you do. Rediscover your intent. And for God's sake, remember that art saves lives"



















CD 2

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Question Authority
(friends + I talking)


CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
46 & 2
Prison Sex
Pushit (alt.)