Source A:
Mini Disc --- Radioshack Lavalier Omni-directional > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Left-Seating / 1 row from floor general admission approx: 30' to left of stacks
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes: This was the fourth Tool show after the events of 9/11/01. Different vibes at these shows, listen, perhaps you can hear it too. I know that 3/8 is not as much nor as many as other tapers but it was quite a bit for someone who was freaked out, finishing up University & spending time with fiancée/wife. When we went to this show, we were anticipating a standard performance, a standard setlist. What we got was a little bit better than expected. Again, due to the timing of the performance, the energy & vibe was quite different than other Tool shows. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe it's all in my head & the performance was lame. As for the recording, the sound is decent but mildly brickwalled - certainly not great but not the worst by any means. Considering where I was sitting combined with the equipment I was using, this recording turned out as good as it could be. Neither myself nor my friends talked. didn't seem right for some reason. The crowd cheered a bit but the crowd noise is really quite low... everyone seemed to be chilled out more than usual, I suppose. But, there is a layer of crowd noise in-between songs due to where I was sitting & the loud people around me but it's not too bad, actually. This was a pretty tight performance by Tool. For a sunday night + the 'Red Alert' but the USA government, the Palace was pretty packed. Vocals are as 'conjoined' with the rest of the music as it is independent & you could say that there is a little muddy vibe with the entire sound. It seemed that a good time was had by many of the crowd members this night - but I couldn't help but think about the mentality of most Tool fans. The timing of the show & the attitude of Tool is almost indescribable. Although I cut the majority of the post-show talking, there is a bit of semi-interesting conversation & insight into the minds of individuals. More to the point, you can hear people screaming 'USA - TOOL' as fireworks are let loose in the parking lot, after the show. No... I don't think that is the point, blind pride + patriotism. I think that the 'question authority speech' would've done much better here than at Van Andel, a few nights prior.
Note 2:
There are  many copies of this source out there as some people converted this show to MP3 and/or mislabeled the source information. Although I would not recommend this version over others, I would think that the complete-collector would find interest in this recording  -at least the source information will be correct ;o) Those versions were traded out to a total of 5 traders, originally. All versions after the initial 5 have no errors that I am aware of; they are mastered smoothly but who knows where they ended up now after all this time.

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CD 2

Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
(random confusion --- talking)

CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Eon Red Apocalypse
(space noise)