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Sound Professionals Binaural mics (SP-BMC-1) > Battery Box > Sony MZ-R37
Source: MD->CD->WAV->FLAC
Recorded By: Steve Stroud (dreyfuss/silentbob)
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Notes by Galen: OK audience recording. To be honest though, quality is less than average. Sound is a bit tinny, a ton of crowd noise & seems very distant. Is better than nothing though. Not all that impressed especially considering the other very good source in circulation. This recording apparently was only available through a torrent in FLAC format. Massively cut, poor sounding recordings just do nto do it for me anymore...
Notes by Taper; spelling & all:
Tool live @ the ACC in Toronto, September 18, 2001. This was a great show, too bad my gear went squirly on me that night. During the intermission while the acrobats were spinning around upside down something happened to my connection between the SPSB and the MZ-R37, I have 26min of silence after the intermission and then Aenima starts followed by Lateralus (which has a small cut). The first disc is fine but there are some static noises towards the end of Reflection which was probably the beginning of the problem that plauged me after the intermission. This was the 1st time I saw a proper TOOL show, meaning not with a shortened festival setlist. I was completely blown away with the video screen footage and watched them more than the band. I have a DVD of this show somewhere, a 2 camera mix if I can find it I'll try and torrent it too. You can hear some talking occasionally, some from the people I was with and some from people around, during Pushit there is some chatter from people in front of me it was pissing me off because I just love that version of it, all 16+ minutes of it. I know the missing section included Parabol and Parabola, as well as some others, probably the Patient and Eon Blue. Check other versions of this recording to be sure.
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The Grudge
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