Source E: 
      Hi8 --- Sony CCD-TRV940 Hi8 w/Sound Professional mics
Source/CD:    None Reported
DVD Gen:       2nd from Master
Image from DVD: Here
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Filmed from off center-left, this recording is a fairly decent capture of Tool. There are a lot of group/band shots with little emphasis on one particular band member; which is rather nice. For fans of Danny's drumming, there are some pretty tasty shots of that.  Screens are accurately captured in the background & MJK remains relatively obscured throughout. Sure, a few heads get in the way at time but this particular AUD recording is a hell of a lot better than tons of other shows I have seen. And for some reason, this date of 10.04.01 has a lot of sources for it. Suppose it is fitting that a decent DVD surfaces as well. Very nice. Now, I was told that this is sourced directly from the master Hi8 > DVD but I am a little bit skeptical of that statement - there is a little line at the bottom of the screen that is so common in VHS > DVD transfers. So, verified lineage is not exactly known per se. I do trust the person's information that I got this from though. However, the visuals are slightly grainy but maybe all of this is from the master - I do not know for sure. The audio is  actually quite good, almost better than at least one of the MD/AUD sources for this show ;o)

Maynardism: "It's been a pleasure sharing this moment with you. Hopefully, we have served as a catalyst in some form of healing. We would like you to do something for us. Not just for us but for the entire global community. We'd like you to remember this feeling you're feeling. Take it home with you & in the coming weeks, create something that will heal everyone"




Time: 1:59:53

The Grudge
(-) Ions

(Suspicious Minds)
46 & 2
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient