Source B:
       Unspecified Video Recording Equipment
DVDTransfer: 2G > VHS > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD  (transfer: Galen 2005)
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Performance exceeds expectations whereas the video recording itself is a bit below average. Very shaky at times mixed with a few security ducks lead one to believe that the taper was off of his ADHD medication. Nah, the video is really not all that bad. In fact, the audio is really very good considering it is sourced from a video. Very clear. The audio does not have the depth of say a decent DAT recording but more like a fairly good mini disc recording, if that makes sense to you. Although there are some high-points, the majority of the recording would most likely be appreciated best by a collector. There are quite a bit of steady shots and quality close-ups but the video itself has a few occasions where the video sputters (blue screen / static fuzz). This apparently is on the master at around 39 minutes. All in all, better than nothing - at least this is a complete recording. I think that the collector will view this video as more like a representation of the band's performance rather than a classic capture of Tool. And for that last reason, I would recommend this.





The Grudge
(-) Ions

'Thank you very much for coming.'


 (shortened version w/o lyrics)

'Thank you very much. We just have to say that it's quite an honor to share the stage with Tricky and all the crew. Hasn't been since 97 we actually had that opportunity. We'd like to uh, dedicate this one to them.'

Eon Red Apocalypse <noise>
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

'Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us.'


'Thank you. Thank you very much. Please, on your way home look out for each other, get home safely. And while you're traveling and you are reminiscing about tonight, about our moment, try to hang onto that feeling you have whether you've had a good night, a bad night, an indifferent night, it doesn't matter, remember this feeling you're having and in the coming weeks use that feeling to create something positive.'