Source B:
Mini Disc --- Audio Technica 853 > Sony MZR55
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Notes: Probably the best sounding recording of this particular show. The recording is crisp, clean, clear & rather focused. Hearing this show makes me seriously consider investing in some AT mics. The only issue I see, here, is that the bass sort of hits & stays. Not a brickwall but is sort of ultra present. Not really a bad thing but not always a good thing. I've always liked the sound of AT mics so it doesn't phase me at all but some people may not think it is all that superb. Anyway, Tool was -on- this night. Adam's nephew, who was in a high school band, opened up w/his 'band' before the show but that was not taped by this source. Nothing more to say.

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for coming. Hopefully, you got here early enough & were wise enough to open your hearts to Tricky. It's an honor to share the stage with Tricky. Thank you for coming"




CD 1


The Grudge
 46 & 2
'Good Evening'

CD 2


'Thank you Joe, that was Adam's nephew Joe. We may have created a monster.'
'Mark and Hanna of Osseus Labyrint, and Hawk from Tricky on Reflection.'

Eon Red Apocalypse
The Patient

'Thank you very much for coming.'
'Hopefully you got here early enough, and were wise enough, to open your hearts to Tricky.'
'It's an honor to share the stage with Tricky, thank you for coming.'


'Thank you tricky.'
'Thank you very much for coming.'
'Hopefully we have served as a catalyst for some inspiration. Hopefully you will keep in mind the feelings you are having right now. Remember these feelings, take them home with you and in the coming weeks, use these feelings to create something positive that will heal everyone.'