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Mini Disc --- Realistics 33-1095 > Sony MZ R-70
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Notes: This recording is actually pretty good, especially for the equipment used. Clean, clear & pretty crisp it is a fine recording actually. You can hear the compression when the bass hits but this may be a pattern of the microphones as well. However, this is an incomplete recording due to some reason that I do not know. It could be fair to say that the rationale would be from either equipment issue or taper f-up. For what this is, it is pretty good. Strangely, there is a version of Sober that almost seems like it was quasi-edited in to blend in with the performance on this recording BUT Sober was not performed on this night. The overall sound is the same it is most likely the same taper's work, on Sober. I'm sure it would not be that hard to figure out which actual performance of Sober this is, by matching or comparing Sober performances with this taper's recordings. But I do not want to that. Anyway. Am not sure how many people would really jump to attain this as there is at least one real good recording of this performance floating around. Se la vie.

Maynardism: N/A




Time: 69:16

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
46 & 2
Eon Red Apocalypse
<space noise --- sort of like Pink Floyd's 'On The Run'>
(Same taper, different show)