Source C:
Analog -- Sony One Point stereo Mic (originally sold with recorder) > Sony WM-D3
Taper:      Audio Archivist
Gen:         0 from Master
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Transfer Information: Playback on Denon DRM 500 deck no Dolby playback with azimuth adjusted to match individual tape head alignment through Sentrek analog EQ for warmth and lifeinto Toshiba laptop running Wavelab 3.0 for minor editing (fade in/out through overlapping disc flip segments). Burned to audio CDR twice, and original data lost. I shoulda saved the data, but still own the master tapes! No plans for a ReMaster from originals until technology improves. Ripped with EAC secure mode after discs were given a good cleaning>Trader's Little Helper FLAC8>TDD>?>YOU!
Notes via Taper:
2001's show was less 'eventful' for me personally. Overall, the 2001 GM PLACE concert sound was better, but they even made the echo-chamber-from-HELL barn that is the PNE Forum building sound all right. I see that the band puts a lot of effort, energy, thought, and dedication into their tours. I wish they'd realize that there is another level of fan that appreciates the live experience, but may not have the ability to experience it first-hand. This is my attempt to let you experience 2 Tool concerts second-hand with your eyes closed, holding my first-hand experience close.Turn down the lights, turn up the stereo, or even better put on some nice headphones. Excuse the one messy tape flip embedded in one of the songs. It's quick, didn't lose that much, and I don't remember which song or show it's in.Excuse the repetition in this info document. I didn't feel like typing out two different ones, especially considering that they're supposed to live together. Remember that there are 2 Tool Vancouver torrents for 2 shows that fit together fir this set. They surely don't NEED to be a set, but hey it works out well like that...

Notes via Galen: The comments from the taper were taken from a documented included with the torrent. He released two of his masters in two torrents with the same .txt documents. I attempted to be as cohesive & clear as possible in ascertaining the relevant discussion to each show. I really enjoy the overall recording clarity of this source. Although this may be somewhat 'weak' in certain technical areas I truly think that the overall warmth & organic-feel of this recording is one that stands out amongst the other known sources. Definitely worth a listen. This one is for those that think everything must be digital to be good - far from it. The MP3 sample I provided stems from a tape-switch during Pushit as to which information is lost. I wanted to pick the weakest point of this to demonstrate the overall strength of this source. Make sense?

Maynardism: "Hopefully, most of you were wise enough to get here early & opened your hearts for Tricky. Thank you very much for coming. Hopefully, this moment that we've shared will serve as a catalyst for some kind of inspiration or healing or both. Hopefully, you'll take these feelings home with you & in the coming weeks create something positive"




Time: 1:45:00

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Eon Red Apocalypse
(with Perry from Tricky)
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient