4-Date Pre-Seminal Mini-Tour: Atlanta, GA

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DAT -- Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > Sony PCM-M1
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Notes: First performance since 1999. First live appearance of all the Lateralus songs. Very, very, very sweet capture of Tool on their first night of the 2001 tour and the pre-seminal tour. A vibrant recording of a performance that is, almost by default, an essential in anyone's collection - this audio capture features clean, balanced and dynamic sound. This may be arguably the best sounding mini-tour recordings. There is not much more to say. If you can find a serious issue with this then, please, let me know but I am sure that the majority of Tool fans will simply enjoy this show in it's entirety. Definitely one for at least some form of rotation.




CD 1

The Grudge

'What, in the wide, wide, world of sports is going on here? Where the fuck have you people been? We've been waiting here for hours. Thank you, goodnight.'


'For those of you that are unaware, Adam and I have just recently announced our engagement.'

46 & 2

'Thank you, very much, for being a part of this very long and healing process. This next song has far, far reaching implications for all these band members, to the point of braces and fears. We'd like to share this with you now, this song is called Schism. Alright, nevermind, I'm wrong, it's because I'm old. Next song is called Prison Sex.'

Prison Sex (OTRM)

'This song is, arguably, older than most of you here.'

Swamp Song

CD 2

(feat. Schism music video)

'Well there you have it. This isn't really an encore, we just had to go have an infusion of geritol and viagra back stage ?.'


'Thank you very much for your patience and support.'


'It's been a while since I've used this joke, so I guess it's ok to do it. This song is about water sports. Is it still funny after everything?'


'Thank you very much for your patience, for coming down and standing in that ridiculous line. We apologize for that. We're going to see you again really soon. Next time tell your friends to be patient, buy your ticket through the proper channels or they're likely to be standing outside like they are right now. We love you, thank you very much.'


'Thank you very much. This song is called Lateralus.'