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Image from DVD: Here (Good group pic)
Image from DVD: Here (VJ - Tanja Mairholer)

Notes - 2001: Interesting and informative interview with the band for German TV. A couple of quick facts which Adam, Justin & Danny touch on during this interview: Adam & MJK met through a friend of Adam's through his old high school / Danny didn't really want to play with Adam & Maynard initially & played in Green Jello / The drummer of Autograph played an intricate role in the development of Tool / Tool views themselves as an alternative band. The structure of this is rather generic with the VJ intro, some videos, short interview, more videos. The interview with the band is worth tracking this interview down. Take a note, all Maynard says during this interview is "yeah definitely". This recording is interesting because it captures Tool not performing but speaking as plainly as they are able to about what it is they do / who they are / what they create as Tool.  If anyone has more precise source information as to which TV station or air date, that info would be greatly appreciated. Email me. This has to be aired or recorded sometime in June, 2001 due to the Lateralus-based content. This was taped via satellite by a fan but by doing so the specific German station is not known due to the signal being picked up in another country entirely. Rather random, the guy was apparently just flipping through the stations & saw a promo + taped Tool.
Notes - 2005 from: Dave: "I just looked for some info on your page and  saw that you don't have information about that tv station. the station was called VIVA2 , but is no longer airing, they stopped in 2002 i think and the new channel which replaced VIVA2 is now called VIVA plus and is mostly airing pop vids. hope this helps - cheers - dave






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