Tour with King Crimson

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Unspecified Mini-DV Recording Equipment
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Notes: Hmm. Shame that this video is most commonly available in AVI, MPEG & other downloadable formats as, although the quality is ok, I am quite sure that the -original- form would be a great deal clearer. As of late 2004, I still do not know of any copies of this show on VHS or DVD that are not sourced from this compressed format. The entire show fits on one disc - there is substantial quality loss from the original. But, decent nonetheless. There is a fair amount of crowd noise throughout the recording as people were rather loud & vocal about their appreciation for Tool. Or something like that. For Mini-DV built-in microphones, the taper got pretty good sound out of it, I'm impressed. Shot from the center-right of the Arena, the taper had a rather steady hand & got some very nice close-ups of all the band members, individually, as well as the band members + the screen. Interesting stuff. Not sure why the taper seemed to focus on MJK - in his Speedos. That was kind of odd. Let's see, the crowd kind of sucked where this taper was sitting. At one point, during AEnima, someone yells "you fag" to MJK, I assume. Also, about 6:36 minutes into the recording, on the Grudge, you can hear some guy in the crowd say "look at the bootlegger". Kind of funny.

Maynardism: "Good evening. Tonight, is all about pleasure. It is an absolute pleasure to see you again. It is an absolute pleasure to share the stage with King Crimson."




Time: 114:44

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
Swamp Song
Prison Sex (OTRM)