4-Date Pre-Seminal Mini-Tour: Detroit, MI

Source A:
Mini Disc --- Radioshack Lavalier Omni-directional > Sony MZ-R700
Position:    Dead Center Mezzanine
Gen:           Master Recording
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Notes:  Tickets for this show sold out in under 20 seconds. I was in line & received none...actually, the Ticketmaster outlet did a lottery & I ended up 3rd in line but only the first person could purchase 2 tickets. Then the show was sold out.  On to the black market of scalpers.  My buddy & I bought two tickets for a combined total of $390 ($195 each). Ordered them & received the day before the show. We drove a round trip of 744 miles & spent way too much money. There were signs up on the entranceway saying 'we will take your cameras & recorders' so I was getting a little nervous. Just told the X-Men security (these guys are assholes) a legal situation to deal with the metal detector & made it in. However, the battery I used was weak & my recording stops after 'parabola' but I took that, AEnima & Opiate off of the alternate source to make this recording complete. I realized what happened right as Lateralus started, so that was recorded in it's entirety. The sound on this is decent, not brick walled but a little muddy as the microphones I used were not amazing in any way. They did get the trick done though. But, don't expect an entirely professional recording here. There is a bit of crowd noise &, during the Grudge, the taper screams - very annoying. Tool was absolutely amazing. This was, IMO, the best of the 4 Pre-Seminal performances in the States but I am quite biased, am I not? The band was slightly rusty but, I assure you, no one noticed. Also, as we were waiting to get into the venue, along the side of the venue, I heard the sound-check though the opened window: Schism, Stinkfist & The Patient, none played entirely (that I remember) & Schism was w/o Maynard. It would've been nice to tape that but with security walking around & Tool crew & the fact that my taping stuff was crotched, there was no way.
Note 2:
There are  many copies of this source out there as some people converted this show to MP3 and/or mislabeled the source information. Although I would not recommend this version over others, I would think that the complete-collector would find interest in this recording  -at least the source information will be correct ;o) Those versions were traded out to a total of 5 traders, originally. All versions after the initial 5 have no errors that I am aware of; they are mastered smoothly but who knows where they ended up now after all this time.

"Here's what you want to do. So, uh, let's catch up. What you been up to? One at a time. Down on the floor, starting with the 'J's"
"I'd just like to take this time to say-nice tits. No, not her. The guy down in front with no shirt"
"Just so you know what this is all about; with everything going on in the world, legal & whatnot, we haven't had a chance to concentrate on what really matters, which is the music. So a lot of these songs haven't been played for three years. So, what these four shows are all about is about us remembering what we did, remembering who we are to each other & remembering why it is we are actually here. See, we are very paranoid. That's why all these  places are so small - we don't want to play in front of a bunch of people, just you. Because we know you'll forgive us"




CD 2

(Schism Video)
(alt source - edited in)
Ænema   (alt source - edited in)
Opiate    (alt source - edited in)


CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Prison Sex