4-Date Pre-Seminal Mini-Tour: Detroit, MI

Source B:
Unverified DAT Recording
Source B: Common + Unverified Source Information: DAT --- Neumann KM-140s > Sony TCD-D8/Unknown DAT
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Notes: Apparently, only my recording & this unknown DAT source have shown up as audio recordings. Security was very tight as the X-Men security (no joke on the name) are a bunch of assholes but, come on, only two sources for Tool this night? No, the answer is no - there is at least one more, a video source. After the show, my buddy Ryan & I walked out of the balcony & saw a bearded, fat guy with a Hi-8mm camera shove it in his pants, look around, and then take-off. Retrospectively, I wish I would have made some contact with this film recorder! Damn. However, that video has not surfaced -- I doubt he was with Tool's crew. I am assuming that the video was either pretty bad or it has not been released or the dude was snubbed by Tool's security. I don't know. Anyway, this particular recording is pretty darn good quality. However, no one has any idea what the source info is nor who the taper is. In fact, I had to purchase this from a guy on eBay in order to even attain it. The kicker is, all copies of this source are TAO (2 sec gaps). Unfortunate, I know. There is a fixed version in which someone did their best to splice out the mini-gaps floating around but none which are actually totally smooth in track-transitions - what a sense of irritation. And, to boot, no one has the source information. Am confident that one day the complete & accurate source information & DAT copy will make the light of day.

Maynardism: "Here's what you want to do. So, uh, let's catch up. What you been up to? One at a time. Down on the floor, starting with the 'J's"
Maybardism: "I'd just like to take this time to say-nice tits. No, not her. The guy down in front with no shirt"
Maynardism: "Just so you know what this is all about; with everything going on in the world, legal & whatnot, we haven't had a chance to concentrate on what really matters, which is the music. So a lot of these songs haven't been played for three years. So, what these four shows are all about is about us remembering what we did, remembering who we are to each other & remembering why it is we are actually here. See, we are very paranoid. That's why all these  places are so small - we don't want to play in front of a bunch of people, just you. Because we know you'll forgive us"




CD 2

(Schism Video)


CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Prison Sex (OTRM)
Swamp Song