Source A:
Unknown Recording Equipment / Possible: Cardioids > Mini Disc
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: The recording itself is strikingly clean, crisp & is of superior quality for most festivals. For some reason, European tapers seem to have a better grasp on taping than does the average American taper. Performance is very strong & quite intense but at the same time, Tool seems to be very relaxed while playing this gig. Hard to describe. I think that when Tool plays at Festivals where they are not the 'head-line' that everyone came to see, persay, the performance is slightly changed. Maybe they are a little more low-key. There is some talkingby the taper & his friends/crowd but that is usually drowned out by the music. Also, there are some weird track-transitions & a semi-shifting sound due to the wind & that this was an outdoor festival. This does not mean that this is sourced from MP3 as it is not; common in all copies. Be wary of some copies floating around with Sober & Parabola in reverse order. They are out there.
Notes: And, yes, this is definitely not the same source as the the Marantz>DAT source. I spent a rather decent amount of time on this particular lack-luster performance trying to find discrepancies and whatnot & there are definitely different sources.

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Time: 61:03

The Grudge
(-) Ions

(I want what I want)