Source B:
DAT --- Marantz EM-8 or Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D8
           2nd from Master
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Notes: You may wonder why there are 2 mics listed above for the source info; according to Mr. Per (who reportedly found this from the taper), the taper did not remember which microphone he used at this festival. This source could easily be confused for source A. A couple of clues so you know which versions are which. During the Tuva intro, there is some microphone adjustment that is not on the other source + some initial talking as the Grudge begins - quite a bit of phasing during this song. There is a -cough- right before Sober begins on this version. Other than that, the recordings are quite similar. All in all, if I were to go for a good and verifiable source to a relatively decent performance, I would attain this version. Simple as that. BTW, has anyone considered why Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" is referenced in the Grudge?
Notes: And, yes, this is definitely not the same source as the 'unknown source info' of A. I spent a rather decent amount of time on this particular lack-luster performance trying to find discrepancies and whatnot & there are definitely different sources.

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Time: 61:03

The Grudge
(-) Ions

(I want what I want)
(intro cut)