Unknown DAT Recording
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Notes: The taper must have been relatively close to the stacks as the sound is very crisp, very clean, can hear MJK talking on-stage to someone once or twice and the crowd is low. Interesting, this was a festival gig where bands were performing at the same time as others and in-between songs you can hear another band (sounds like a jam-band) playing in the background. Kind of interesting. Tool didn't really speak much at all but perhaps the language barrier has a place to play in that regards. Overall, the recording is very clear and is one to enjoy. As of late 2003, this is a semi-rare recording but I doubt it will be for a long time as the quality is good and the performance is very solid. What more can one ask for in a recording? Really, if you compare this setlist to others in 2001, this is slightly different in the order of the songs. Gives the show a different vibe. For some reason, it seems to me that Tool was performing while it was still light out. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am correct. There are some collector's who feel that this is a shit performance & a shit recording... I've even seen it listed as for collectors only which completely boggles my mind.  Personally, I do not really understand where they are coming from. The audio has some issues & the band is off on some aspects but that is part of the beauty of listening to a show like this. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way but this is by no means a bad recording. It is true that the band messes up a few times but it is hard to nail everything 100% of the time. And when it's not perfect, it is better, at least to some.

Maynardism: "It's been a pleasure. Muh-tao. Muh-tao."




Time: 77:37

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
46 & 2