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DAT -- Soundman OKM-IIr > Sony SBM-1 > Sony PCM-M1
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Notes: Superb recording, really, probably one of the best sounding recordings from this part of the 2001 World Tour. Crowd noise is kept at a minimum although a couple voices may occasionally be heard. The taper most likely stood quite close to the stack as the instruments are almost disturbingly clear. The bass is just great - can hear little nuances which are not in other recordings. The performance itself is quite, hmm, like a rock-show than a Tool show. It seems like Tool is out this night to blow the audience's mind. Quality, clarity, clearness = an enjoyable listen for the fan. Highly recommended recording. 
Notes / 2006: Taper re-released this recording via FLAC via dimeadozen.org (early 2006) with a time of: (61:20) & included the following note: EQ in Sony Sound Forge V7.0 via Steinberg FreeFilter V1.1  /  Volume adjustments in Adobe Audition V1.5  /  Volume boost and fades in Steinberg WaveLab V5.0a  /  Resampling: 48.0 kHz > 44.1 kHz in Steinberg WaveLab V5.0a  /  Track splits in CD Wave Editor V1.94.7

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for your support. We have an assignment for you, we want you to, uh, take this feeling you've been having for this whole day - all the music you've heard - take this feeling you're having, take it home & in the following weeks create something positive with it. We need, we need more creative people out there doing positive things because the bad guys are winning. So let's do some good shit, shall we? Thank you very much."



Time: 60:38

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2