Source B:
Mini Disc --- Giant Squid Binaurals > Unknown Mini Disc Recorder
Gen:         2nd from Master
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Notes: For the source information used; this recording sounds really good. Other than the fact that that this disc is TAO & not DAO, there appears to be some questions about this source. Now, I could go on & explain about some of the issues a very, very resourceful taper/collector (Ben, UK) has mentioned regarding this show; however, I will let you read & add your own comments if applicable. For a complete thread & information about this issue, please click HERE to enter the forum to read this thread. Maybe you can add some information, shed some light on this subject & help us see this from another angle. From a different light. Of course if you are too lazy, so be it. You will need to login to read the thread, btw. However, in sum, I will highlight Ben's point here by quoting from his detective work:
Notes by Ben, UK:
My problem is that I am not entirely convinced the 59:49 version is actually the same performance as the 58:46 version. To begin with I was certain that they were in fact completely different, and now I am almost as certain that they are the same... At least partly... It seems to me that somehow the 1st 2 tracks of the 59:49 version are not from 05/26/01 - I was at the performance, and when the band came on they did a little jam between the intro tape and The Grudge (as described on cu.org), which appears on the 58:46 version, but does not appear on the 59:49 version.

Maynardism: "A lot of you stuck around for us, and it showed up this week when our new record came out."




Time: 59:54

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2