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Notes: Extremely interesting interview with the members of Tool (Adam, Danny, Justin & Maynard) conducted before they played their Ozzfest UK date. Very informative to history, influences & what pisses off the band in the West Coast (California, USA). The sound is wavey & is not sound board, by any means. However, it doesn't matter all that much in an interview & I have a feeling this recording was  There is also a voice-over by the interviewer & a few different songs from Lateralus as a background (during voice-over only). The interviewer on this recording did simply the best job interviewing Tool than any other reporter has, which I have heard thus far. Even though there is the streaming sound via Internet broadcast, this is very interesting & is not just for collector's but also for people who want to know just a little bit more. I do think that collector's would get a bit more use out of this than anyone else though... Highly recommended.

Maynardism: "And, uh, having heard everything I'd heard so far I was like I don't want to get involved in that (music) industry. It sounds like a joke."




Time: 50:01

Inner Workings