Source B:
Unverified Mini-DV Recording Equipment
Source B: Master > DVD
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here (Distance from stage)
Image from DVD: Here (Stage, end of Lateralus)

Notes: Obviously, if you look at the time, you can see that this is severely & utterly incomplete. However, this is the only known video of Tool from the Roskilde Festival & even incomplete it is certainly better than nothing. The audio is much better than one would actually expect and is rather enjoyable to listen to. The video begins with a wonderful view of the ground of Roskilde with beer cups and empty food wrappers (and the tapers shoe) but then goes straight into Schism, where there are several cuts. The video jumps to Lateralus, about 1/4 of the way in to the song, and is a center-focused stage-shot of Tool performing. This is a rather interesting sight, esp for an American such as myself who has not been or witnessed a Festival setting such as Roskilde with waving flags + Tool riding a spiral down to wherever the hell a spiral goes once it has spiraled out. Aruba? Jamaica or maybe Bali? All in all, for a completionist or someone who is interested in seeing Tool from another angle I would definitely recommend this DVD for all of the reasons mentioned above. Lateralus, even though it is still an incomplete recording is captured in a different light.
Notes/Recording Info: This recording was surfaced by Per in mid 2004 from the taper. Specific source information is not known.

Maynardism: N/A




Time for Tool: 12:37

Pro Shot Video

Pro Shot Video