Source B:
DAT --- Sony ECM-717 > Sony TCD-D7
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Notes: Ok... huh. This is, without a doubt, the correct source information/recording for this particular show. It has taken me ages to acquire a legit source which is, actually, the DAT version. Believe it or not, there are a lot of bogus DAT sources of this floating around as Wim's CSC>MD recording has, apparently, a couple of different master-times (per disc).  Since Wim's CSC>MD recording is so prevelant and so good sounding, many people have mistaken that for this version. There are differences that are pretty obvious in actuality. One, this is very full sounding and does not have the hollow-ness that is so common in cardioid recordings; esp. using MD's. There is some talking in the beginning. At track 1 @ :49secs, the taper talks & claps as the Tuva intro is going on - that should be an easy enough test for collector's to take if they do not want to look at the different disc times. As for this recording, all I want to say is about time. Not only does MJK talk a lot but it is pretty damn funny. You can hear him referring to a dirty banana as well, giving it to an AUD member. Pretty funny. Great performance as Tool was still sort of feeling the Lateralus-era songs out. This is one for your collection, IMO.

Maynardism: "Did you miss us? So, let's catch up, what have you been doing for the last...one at a time. Starting with the A's, this side. Ok, the B's, no A's, B's. Just kidding. We'll assume you've been working hard, staying in school."
Maynardism: "Thank you, for your, support. And your faith. More importantly, your faith. Thank you very much for that. It's been, quite a journey to this moment. And the only way we could make it here, is through communication. This song is called Schism. We've renamed the song, it's now called 'the dirty banana'. It goes out to Camilla ((Adam's wife))"
 "Apparently, there's a lot of really nice museums in Amsterdam. We didn't make it to any ofthem. And we're ashamed of this. Anyone want this? (refers to a dirty banana on the stage). If you eat that,I'll be proud of you. But I'm not going to tell you where it's been. Rest assured it involves a red light. Or so I hear, don't know - first hand"
Maynardism:    "Um, I think there might've been a bit of confusion earlier. About the whole, 'banana' thing. Please, let me explain. We had some friends, they might have been from our record company,ard to say, they told us that we were going to go to a place where the Backstreet Boys had gone & watched some 'questionable activities'. We misunderstood. We thought they meant that the Backstreet Boys were there - performing questionable activities. Big misunderstanding. Now, that I would pay to see"




CD 2

Intermission (Schism Video)

CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Prison Sex