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Mini Disc -- Sound Professionals Binaurals > Sharp MS722
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Notes: As Tool comes on-stage, they do the same little pre-Grudge musical intro as they did in Europe. Very cool & quite interesting. This is the only gig Tool did in North America in July -  damn Canadians should be happy they came to Toronto. The recording is quite good as well, which is always nice. The crowd is very low & the music is finely equalized from the stacks. The taper was most likely very close to a stack as the audio is real clear & has little swirling common from outdoor venues. Although this recording would most likely not be considered one of the best quality recordings of 2001, this is a good source for this performance.

Maynardism: "Huh. Good evening Canada" (through a megaphone)
Maynardism: "Happy Canada day. We thought we would drop by, make some popcorn & watch some television with you"




Time: 58:32

Tuva > Jam
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2