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Notes: As this particular source starts, the taper (I think) says 'sit down' to the people in front of him. Funny. As it is, this is a stellar recording of Tool that is most likely the best source for this show available for and to traders. The vocals & instruments reflect an accurate reproduction of the music - nice because this was a cool & interesting gig by Tool. They flew back to north America from Eurpoe to play here then flew to Japan/Australia/New Zealand for more shows. Those Canadiens got lucky. Sounds to me like the taper was wise & was semi-close to the stage as, for an outdoor gig, there is little wavey-ness in the sound. Smart. A little bit of talking from people around the mics but that does not subtract from the overall experience of listening to this source. One thing that I did not note for some reason on other versions/sources of this show is the fact that during the first chorus of Stinkfist, MJK's vocals go out for a second.

Maynardism: "Huh. Good evening Canada" (through a megaphone)
Maynardism: "Happy Canada day. We thought we would drop by, make some popcorn & watch some television with you"




Time: 57:07

Tuva > Jam
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2