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Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-MS908C > Sony MZR-700
Charles C.
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Notes: They arrive back in the States after playing Europe to do one show in North America before heading out over to Japan, Australia & New Zealand. Basically, Tool played their '2001 Festival Set' as I'll refer to it as...a shortened version of their normal, long show. Secondly, the recording itself. Well, the actual sound quality of this recording is pretty good. However, there is a lot of yelling & whatnot by the crowd/taper's friends. Especially this girl that says shit like: 'get off my toe mother-fucker', 'move your head' & 'wheeeeeeh'. Why is it that chicks voices on live recordings are so damn annoying? Is it just me? I do not think that this recording is really anywhere near being for collector's only but there is a good deal of crowd noise that is not usually on a recording. So, take from that what you will.

Maynardism: "Huh. Good evening Canada" (through a megaphone)
Maynardism: "Happy Canada day. We thought we would drop by, make some popcorn & watch some television with you"




Time: 58:09

Tuva > Jam
The Grudge
(-) Ions
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