Source E:
DAT --- Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L > PA-6LC3B/85 > Sony PCM-M1
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Notes: For some reason or another, this source has been rather difficult to find and, as of early-mid 2005, is still rather uncommon. A shame, this is arguably the cleanest, smoothest & nicest recording to surface from this show. Levels are balanced, vocals are clear, bass is crisp, guitar is clean & the drum-kick is just right. Hard to really have a problem with this sound. The sound itself has a very live feel to it versus the front-of-stack feel that some may enjoy or swear by. Highly recommended recording.... would be nice to find actually on DAT but no one really seems to have a clue who the taper was or how this came into the trade-pool in the first place. Highly recommended.

Maynardism: "Huh. Good evening Canada" (through a megaphone)
Maynardism: "Happy Canada day. We thought we would drop by, make some popcorn & watch some television with you"




Time: 57:52

Tuva > Jam
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2