Source F:
Unknown Audience Recording (sounds like omni-sourced mics > Mini Disc recorder)
Source F: Labeled as: "Edge Festival" (apparently on silver disc)
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Notes: I must say that this source really bothered me as I was convinced that this was simply a mislabeled already-existing source that someone ass decided to try & sell to make some money for a crack-whore-BJ. However, this is actually an alternate source from sources A-E. That said, this is definitely the weakest-sounding, quality-wise, of the entire sources available. This should be for collector's only. I know nothing of the lineage & I am not sure if anyone really does. The bass is muddy, vocals muddy, guitar does not stand-out & the drums sound like ass - we know Tool did not sound this way by the high quality recordings available of this performance. That should cover this...

Maynardism: "Huh. Good evening Canada" (through a megaphone)
Maynardism: "Happy Canada day. We thought we would drop by, make some popcorn & watch some television with you"




Time: 57:44

Tuva > Jam
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2