Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-ZS90 > Sharp MT-15
Position: Unknown
Transfer: Master > WAV > CD
Taper: pr1ck
: 1st from Master
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Notes: The final performance of 2001. Surprisingly, there are no other sources of this show floating around. I recall hearing, long ago, that a taper named ToolDVN also flew to Hawaii for this final performance but no recording thus far (in 2009) surfaced. This particular source was given to cu.org by the taper many moons ago - right at the end of 2001. Truth be told, I took a listen to it once or twice back then but then filed it in my chronologically ordered catalog of live Tool CD's & kind of forgot about it. I am mildly surprised that this has not popped up at all as *although the recording has some limitations* it is a decent, at least, capture of a really solid performance. They sort of changed the setlist order, at least a little so it is slightly interesting from that perspective. The sound is rather dull, dampened & muddy; however, for the microphones + the mini disc technology, really, it sounds a bit better than it almost should. And, it is a recording, it is a source. It always takes balls to tape. Unfortunately the recording is incomplete as only MD 1 apparently recorded or... something. There are some occasional 'mini disc bumps' (i.e.: for those that never taped with MD technology, it is like a mini gap or 'error' caused by bumping the mic at the 'jack' on the MD unit) as well. Coated by a layer of chatty-audience members who are particularly annoying during songs like Parabol this is sort of an issue that detracts a little from the overall ambience of the recording. My hunch is that this recording was pulled from the lawn of an amphitheatre which would explain actually quite a bit about what is up with the sound.

Time: 77:52


The Grudge
(Suspicious Minds + White Lines)

'Good Evening. I have to say I'm just slightly disappointed, this is the last show this year and you all still have your clothes on. Just a suggestion, keep your shoes on, it's the rest we're concerned about - wouldn't want you to stub a toe'

 Eon Red Apocalypse <space noise>