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Zenlord911 / V. Avery
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Notes: I did not tape this show. The taper asked me to master this to CD. He sent me the master MD's, I transferred to CD then offered him 'X' amount of CD's in exchange for his master. He accepted and I hold the master. He did a transfer of his this show & traded it out to a few people but there were all sorts of issues like track transitions, fade-outs & a 3 minute gap. The transfer I did does not have any of those issues. So, be aware. The times listed below are representative of the rip I made. This recording may also go around under the surname of: "Slim's Rash", referenced from something Maynard said. Really tight performance by Tool. Like most of the festival gigs, they did a little pre-Grudge jam to sort of warm the crowd up. Maynard seems to be especially talkative this night & seems to be having a good time doing his job. The instrumental section is as steady & polished as to be expected. One of the reasons why this recording is quite good is to the fact that the taper stood relatively close to the stacks so the sound is quite clear and, thankfully, there are no brick-walls but the bass sort of floods a bit.  Although this recording will not change the way you think about music, it is a decent capture of the band. Surprisingly, this product was one of the first recordings Vincent had done. This is the last gig of Tool's 2001 European tour.

"Good evening. Unfortunately, Guns N Roses couldn't make it. So, instead, we bring you: "'puppet show'. Featuring, Chino Maraino."
Maynardism: "I notice, you all still have your clothes on. That's a big no-no at festivals. We've got two songs -two long songs- and you still have your clothes on."
Maynardism:  "Unfortunately, today, is Slim's last show with us. This is Slim, over here. It turns out that he has a very, very, very contagious & incurable rash. On his ass. Along with that, he has an unconscious habit of sleepwalking at night and rubbing his bare ass on people while they are sleeping. So we have to get rid of him. Thank you for your inspiration, Slim. I hope the rash clears up."
Maynardism:  "I've just been told that two more people are leaving our crew as well, going home, Brad & Piere. Apparently, they caught Slim's Rash. Have to go home. Just trying to figure out what three men were doing together to catch the same rash."




Time: 63:18

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