Source B:
Unspecified MiniDV Recording Equipment
Source B:
1G VHS > DVD (transfer by Ricky R. in 2004)
Gen:           1st from Master
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Notes: Filmed from the back-right mosh pit, floor area of the venue, this is an interesting capture of the band - as far as videos go. There are a lot of Maynard shots with basically little focus on the other band members. There are a few shots of the screens but those are few & far in-between. There are numerous instances of the stage being obscured by the back of people's heads. As far as audio quality goes, the music is audible but the threshold has been passed. There is a brick-wall that coats the complete recording. This is especially evident when the bass hits as well.  To boot, there are many instances of microphone-drops or audio-drops where the sound just stops.  This is not a problem with the DVD, the VHS is like that as well. Performance was standard fair for this leg of the tour. I think it is evident that the next night's performance is rather interesting. For all of the flaws of this video, this is still worth the time to track down. I do think that many people would perceive this to be best left for collectors though. And, to top it all off, only the first half was recorded. This is still the only known video recording + videos from this leg of the tour are not plentiful.

Maynardism: "We hope to see some of you tomorrow night."




Time: 61:52

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Prison Sex (OTRM)