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Notes: As of Feb. 2003, this show has only very recently surfaced in any sort of degree. Like most 2001 recordings, I am sure this will be everywhere soon enough. But, for the time being it is not that way. The performance of this gig is as precise & professional as one would expect from Tool. The most interesting, for me, is hearing the "intermission" noises as Tool's intro music instead of the -standard- Tuva Throat song. I find that fascinating for some reason. This is the only recording or show I have ever even heard of them doing that. Before the Grudge, they also do not immediately break into the song - Adam & the band sort of jam for a minute as they did on a few occasions at gigs like this.  In a way, gives this a little twist as far as recordings/performances go. The audio quality itself is above average. The guitar, vocals, bass & drums are reproduced very nicely. I bet may people will confuse this recording with DAT. The sound-waves do seem to shift a little bit due to the wind (I assume) as this sounds/seems like an outdoor festival gig. Do not let the shifting really get to you though...it may take a little bit to get used to, for some. I think the taper walks around a bit as well. There is also a bit of crowd chatter that is really only noticeable when examining this with headphones. Kind of adds to the feel of this gig. It seems to me that Maynard really was sort of bored at this gig though...

Maynardism: "Hi. Thank you for this pleasant greeting. There must've been some miss-communication. We heard this was supposed to be a costume party. Nice flag. Did you make it? That one's nice as well."




Time: 61:25

("Intermission" moans + groans = Not Tuva Throat)
The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2