Mini Disc --- Panasonic microphone (specifics unknown) > Sony MZ-R55
This is commonly referred to as: "Unknown Mini Disc Recording Equipment" for source information. 
Source: ? Gen CD or Master > MP3 @ 128kbs = Unknown Mini Disc transfer"
Taper:  Karol O.
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Random picture: Here
Random Picture: Here
Maynard's water bottle from the show: Here

Notes: Same source as the MP3 version. This new transfer was done April 2006. This was originally put on a DVD with a slide show of pictures also taken by the taper. The non-compressed (as far as I can tell) version does not have the track fade-in/out as in the MP3 version so take note of that. Also, the non-MP3 version is in one big ass track with a time of: 114:34. The DVD, also of the same "time", is a slide-slow of pix from the concert (where this audio is sourced from) + pix definitely NOT from the concert. It is actually quite cool but some may find it to be a novelty at best. Some people may wonder why this is listed as just one source when there are audio & DVD available. That is simple; this is the only known source to surface. So, enjoy for what it is. Given the type of DVD it is, there is no reason to upload a picture of, well, a picture now is there?
Notes: It took well over 3 years for this recording to actually show up anywhere and has, up until now, unconfirmed to exist. However, this is not without a couple serious issues. The first, this is an MP3 recording. All limited number of copies (as of 12/2004) are from MP3 @ 128kbs. Information pertaining to the source information is simply not known. Taking an educated guess, either the taper or a friend of the taper casually put this onto MP3 & either uploaded it to a FTP or used another file sharing device. The person I received this from said he downloaded this from Soul Seek a while ago. So, we are left with at least something of a representation of this rather interesting performance by Tool. Two, the taper is a novice. The microphones brickwall a few times, the taper changes location & he + his girlfriend (maybe) engage in a few conversations throughout the performance. The third issue, the tracks fade out between songs thereby making this arguably an incomplete recording. Makes me think that there are some things MJK may have said that did not get recorded. All in all, this is obviously left for collectors only. Just make sure you keep good source info + make sure that if you do trade this, realize it is MP3 based & pass that info along with it. This is an inferior recording. However, this is the only way it circulates or is known to circulate so this is addition is warranted. The performance piece I found to be most interesting is the clapping between Stinkfist + 46&2 by the audience. Haven't heard the band sort of jam between those two songs... sort of like a tribal beat directly into 46&2. In my opinion, this is probably the most outstanding thing about this recording. It would be nice if an uncompressed turned up but for some reason I doubt it.
Notes: Also, as Polish fan Maciek pointed out in July 2005, this recording has been confused as being from the Krakow show but is, indeed, the Warsaw performance. There are no reported sources for the Krakow performance yet known to exist.

Maynardism: "We have a mission for you, something we want you to do. For those of you that speak English, make sure you tell your friends, who do not. We want you to take whatever it is you're feeling here tonight, whether it's good or bad, take it home with you & in the coming weeks, create something positive with it. That's your assignment."




CD 2


CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
<percussive jam>
46 & 2
MJK talking
Prison Sex (OTRM)