Source B:
Mini Disc --- Unknown Microphone > Sharp MT20W
Taper: Poq
Gen: ?
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Notes - Taper: This show was performed without an encore, but rather in two sets. During the interval, the video clip for Parabola was played. To open the second set, Dale from The Melvins joined them on drums and Osseus Labyrint supplied the 'visuals'. There were also some extended versions / improves performed as well. Included in the torrent is some advertising I collected from the internet, one image and a flash file. During the concert my microphone was playing up, so there are a few pops and brief silences throughout the recording. I have listened to the whole thing again for the first time in years, and wrote down some of the issues. The may or may not be others. And really, these didn't bother me too much. Flood - (1:30) popping, (3:10) cuts out for a second, (4:45) popping, Grudge - Popping at start, popping at end, Stinkfist - popping at end, Triad - (0:00-2:32) some fuzz, (5:30) cuts out for a second or two. Because of the 'impurity' of this recording, this is the first time I have released this one.
Notes - Galen: If I may, it sounds to me like the technical issues the taper had were caused by simple connector malfunction. For a short period of time I used a Sharp MD recorder to tape some shows & I too had some issues with microphone sensitivity - when the levels were set too high. And that is what I think caused the issues here; the levels. Can I explain this? No. But I had the same thing happen, it sucked & so do the technical issues here... and the bass is slightly brickwalled - throughout. Not awful but tolerable & definitely noticeable. Somewhat damaged. Thus, this is best left for collectors only.

1hr, 48mins


The Grudge
(-) Ions
4 degrees
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient