Source B:
Unverified but Reported Info: DAT --- Sound Board (SBD) > FM > Assisted Listening Device (ALD) (unknown model) > Sony PCM-M1
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Notes: This is, simply put, a fantastic recording. It should be noted that the sound can slightly (and I mean slightly) peak out on MJK's voice/Adam's guitar at very loud parts but it is of little consequence or matter, really. I am pretty sure that most people would not notice that there are a few subtle crackles as the overall product is simply fantastic. If you like SBD recordings, this one is for you as 99% of this recording is superb & is one that I hope everyone will listen to & enjoy. As of late '03, early '04, no one has taken credit or responsibility for this show. Amazingly enough, there are no trade restrictions or anything like that on this show. Nice. It should be noted that during Stinkfist, MJK's vocals seem to not come in during the first chorus - like someone was having technical difficulties. This recording has the talking & space between the songs cut. I do not know why as the disc time had ample room for the space between songs. I think that he/she wanted to keep the first set on disc #1 rather than put AEnima on disc #2 while keeping the Tuva Throat intro music. There are a couple of tiny skips in the recording - these are common in the majority if not all known copies.
Notes: Now, this recording is pretty much out as 1 big track. I split up the tracks & did I cut out the fade-outs in-between songs so it it goes together at least a tiny bit more smoothly.

Notes - Technical:
This is the closest thing to a 2001/2002-era sound board that collector's, fans & the proletariat may ever hear. In actuality, this is from the mixing-desk & is then broadcasted on an FM signal. The show was mixed on-the-fly to an FM band (that does not have the same amount of range due to being broadcasted as an FM signal). There are quite a bit more technical items that some people may be interested in but I would not be the best person to comment on anything other than what I have already. If someone has more technical info & can better explain what it is I am saying, I welcome you to email me & let me know.

Notes - Bootlegging: There is one thing I would like to mention that is very important. Like all live recordings of Tool, let's keep these off of ebay & other public places (ie: record shows) where it is for sale. Selling live recordings is possibly the worst thing a Tool fan can do. For numerous reasons. The most important one that springs to my mind is: selling Tool live recordings makes it even more difficult for tapers who simply want to record the band in all of it's glory. When a band like Tool observes live recordings of themselves on sale, it pisses them off for a myriad of reasons including "assholes who sell bootlegs for 30-60 bucks dont care about the quality and they make all the money" [08/04/02 @ 05:04:32]). If anything and at best, they barely tolerate people who tape/trade. Since this particular recording is pretty much open-game let's all do our part to make sure people don't try to make a profit off of this. After all, a taper somewhere managed to -do- this & send it off for fans to enjoy. I doubt he did it for some dumb-ass to make $20 off of it. if we all work together for a common goal, maybe Tool would relax about taping & whatnot if they realized that fans do not sell their stuff & will take matters into their own hands to prevent that from occuring in the first place.

Maynardism: "This song like all songs is about ass-sex" <huh?>




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