Source A:
DAT --- MBHO KA200 > JK Laboratories DVCV-12 > Sony PCM M1
Source B: Unverified but Reported Info: DAT --- Sound Board (SBD) > FM > Assisted Listening Device (ALD) (unknown model) > Sony PCM-M1
Source C: Source A @ 65% + Source B @ 35% (mix by Per CLS)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: This is a rather interesting creation. I think that enough has been said about both Source A + B so there is little reason to go over that in detail yet again except to say that both are rather different but also very nice & unique captures of what Tool can create - live. Now, mixed together with the proper EQ & patience, a rather interesting bastard-child is created. Not only are the delicacies of the ALD preserved but the live & intense feelings of the MBHO AUD source is simultaneously preserved. The merging of these two almost contrasting audio sources gives one a rather different listening experience. This may be rather interesting for collectors and also anyone to check out, at least to see what is possible with a home computer & a decent software program. Since the ALD source has fade-outs/ins on it, that is also on this matrix. However, it is rather difficult to hear where where the ALD goes out & in as the mixing was done rather nicely. This creation has a rather surreal, unique vibe to it. In closing, it should be noted that different people already have or will create other matrix's - so, make sure you keep in mind which version you attain.

Notes - Technical:
This is the closest thing to a 2001/2002-era sound board that collector's, fans & the proletariat may ever hear. In actuality, this is from the mixing-desk & is then broadcasted on an FM signal. The show was mixed on-the-fly to an FM band (that does not have the same amount of range due to being broadcasted as an FM signal). There are quite a bit more technical items that some people may be interested in but I would not be the best person to comment on anything other than what I have already. If someone has more technical info & can better explain what it is I am saying, I welcome you to email me & let me know.

Notes - Bootlegging: There is one thing I would like to mention that is very important. Like all live recordings of Tool, let's keep these off of ebay & other public places (ie: record shows) where it is for sale. Selling live recordings is possibly the worst thing a Tool fan can do. For numerous reasons. The most important one that springs to my mind is: selling Tool live recordings makes it even more difficult for tapers who simply want to record the band in all of it's glory. When a band like Tool observes live recordings of themselves on sale, it pisses them off for a myriad of reasons including "assholes who sell bootlegs for 30-60 bucks dont care about the quality and they make all the money" [08/04/02 @ 05:04:32]). If anything and at best, they barely tolerate people who tape/trade. Since this particular recording is pretty much open-game let's all do our part to make sure people don't try to make a profit off of this. After all, a taper somewhere managed to -do- this & send it off for fans to enjoy. I doubt he did it for some dumb-ass to make $20 off of it. if we all work together for a common goal, maybe Tool would relax about taping & whatnot if they realized that fans do not sell their stuff & will take matters into their own hands to prevent that from occuring in the first place.

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