Source B:
Digital8 --- Sony ECM-MS908C > Sony DCR-TRV330
Source B: Low Gen VHS > DVD
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: This recording source is actually pretty good, overall. There is a fair amount of camera-shaking but there are also some rather good camera close-ups of the band & the screens. however, there is an almost constant background noise/static that comes out of the right channel throughout the recording that pretty much sucks. Plain and simple but that static gets worse & better, ebbs & flows. Hmm. Not exactly sure what else to say as to perhaps the master is not like that - I know that VHS copies ended up on eBay & that people transferred some of those to DVD. Thus, there are lots of different rips out there... however, for a VHS rip - this is a good one. And, for those Tool fans that thoroughly enjoy seeing lots of shots of Adam, this is a good video for you. Maynard made an appearance this night as 'the woman'... with the fake breasts &, of course, the blue-painted face-stripe down the center. Interesting... what would Freud be saying now?
Also, this is the show where fundamentalist protestors picketed in front of the show with signs saying: "stop sinning, repent, serve Jesus" & "Jesus, the only one that died for your sins and saves from hell". Please, note the excellent grammar skills of these Christians. Text taken verbatim. Damn that is funny.

Maynardism: "Not really sure how many of you were converted on the way in... but, thought we would share our thoughts. In the beginning was the word & the word was love...which is unconditional, infinite & without judgment. Rest assured, our hearts are in the best place; we want the best for everyone. Infinite, unconditional, without judgment." <into Opiate>




Time: 2:02:00

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
46 & 2
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient