Source D:
Digital 8mm --- Sony DCR-TRV330 w/Sony ECM-MS908C microphones
Source D: Master > DVD > DVD Decryptor > .VB > Nero > My Copy
Taper:      Pr1ck
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes:  Although some people felt Tool let them down via this particular show, watching it years later (4) gives but an indication of what, exactly Tool was trying to do. What were they trying to do you may ask? Galen, you have mentioned quite a few times of your disdain for this portion of the tour but yet this recording has some meaning for you? Sure. Sometimes, a good AUD video of the band is enough to make a "standard show" a special show. The video has been referred to as grainy by some folks - I think this is rather clear in my opinion. There are a few instances where the camera moves, jerks & otherwise is rather annoying. I've talked with the filmer a few times about his taping Tool. He did not consider it anything life changing, was simply very careful & may of those random camera movements are quasi related to possible issues with security. Hey, he completed the rather stressful & arduous task of filming a Tool show - not too bad. The audio is certainly better than you would originally think. Fact is, the audio on this is better than at least one of the audio sources available - but you can be the judge of that. All in all, definitely worth your while to watch, enjoy, retain & spiral out too... yes, a very cheesy way to end this review. But oh well. Stop reading this & pop in the DVD!

Maynardism: "Austin. Supposedly, we are in Austin. It doesn't sound like Austin. Sounds more like Corpus Christi. So what is it...Austin?"




Time: 201:02

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient