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Notes: This is perhaps one of the 'worst' shows (performances) of the tour, according to some. This is also a very interesting performance to others. Myself, I think that it may be both. If you notice, there is not either AEnima or Opiate as 1st act closers this evening.
Notes:  Sound is very clear although there is a little bit of crowd talking & assorted noise(s). Certainly not the worst though; pretty good actually. As for Maynard, shit, he seems simply -off- tonight. Listening to him stumble through The Patient is a tedious path; his voice just can't handle it. He has to leave the stage for a while. The rest of the band doesn't seem especially on either; esp. Adam. Concert reports of this show say they had a verrrrrrrrrry long intermission. If you notice, Reflection was -not- played tonight due to Maynard's sickness or whatnot. I think this show is the only time Reflection was not played (purposely, that is).  When I first read the reviews of this particular show, I really wanted to hear it. From a collector's point-of-view. This may be the shortest performance of this leg of the tour.
Notes:  On the majority of copies of this show, there are -slight- track transition issues between tracks & 'checked' wave-forms that prove a MP3 source. This is not the MP3 CD. The disc times for the MP3 sourced discs are: CD 1 = 77:44, CD 2 = 28:54

Maynardism: "Mike & John from Tomahawk. Thank you very much. They met because both of their Dad's were in Asia, the band, not the continent. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. Hopefully we've inspired you all to go home & have sex. You can start now if you'd like..."




Time: 36:46


Time: 69:54

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient