Source B:
Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-MS907 > Sony MZ-R900
Taper:      J. Post
EQ'd by:  Senator Bigsy
Gen:         1st from Master 
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Notes: You may notice the setlist at the bottom. I was not at this show. After the 08.30.02 show, I attained the setlist from the sound engineer. Completely different show - still, managed to get a setlist. Truth be told, I was hoping for the setlist from Cleveland, OH but, retrospectively, am rather pleased at the outcome.
Notes: Some people tend to think of this show as a special turning point for Tool. While I'll agree that the band was on this night, I'm not sure RCMH was anything but a very intimate gig. Remember, the four mini-tour gigs in 2001 were all at comparable size venues. This does have the first appearance of 'Commando' by the Ramones, which is pretty cool. Wish I could've been at this performance because the band really had a nice vibe to them this night. Energy, not complacence like the majority of the summer '02 gigs. Looking at how this venue is setup; I doubt a bad seat is even possible. I've heard that the acoustics in this venue are extremely good. If this recording is any indication, the acoustics are not just good, they are great. According to the person who mastered the show, Kevin, the taper was a bit apprehensive due to security so he put the mini disc & microphone underneath his seat. That said, the sound is a tad distant & a slight layer of fuzz (computer static?) coats the recording; but it is quite hard to pick that out unless you are looking for something to complain about like I am. There is ample crowd noise a few times; girls talking (c'mon Tool!) & insightful comments made by the people around the microphone. Sometimes it's hard to make out what Maynard is saying; his vocals could've used an increase in volume.  Although this recording is pretty good, no one will ever confuse this with a sound-board recording.

Maynardism: "We would like to thank the artist responsible for these wonderful pieces of art you see before you. His name is Alex Grey, thank you Alex. Everyone say 'thank you Alex'. Alex is responsible for our album cover artwork. Alex Grey. Thank you for sharing this moment with us tonight, hopefully, we've been some sort of catalyst for healing or inspiration. Hopefully, you'll leave here inspired, healed & horny. We suggest you go home & have sex. Thank you very much for sharing this time with us this evening."























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CD 1


(Debut/Ramones cover)
The Grudge
(-) Ions
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient