Hi8 --- Sony CCD-TRV940 w/Sound Professional mics > DVD
Taper:   Rawson
Gen:      2nd from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Checking out the setlist perhaps it quite easy to notice that this is severely incomplete as far as recordings go. Apparently, according to the taper, he was "sick, sick, sick" at this show - I do not know if he made it through the entire show or just left early. Either way, the recording only has 2 songs but is the only known source to exist, at least AUD-wise. Thus, even in it's incomplete form it it arguably better than nothing. Filmed from the upper-right of the venue, the camera shakes a bit and there are no real clear focusing of the band members. The audio peaks out & brick-walls slightly + MJK's voice is quite distant as well. Although this may be the only source for this performance I -highly- doubt that people other than hard-core collectors would find much value to this. Not being harsh, being honest. I suppose a big plus is that this was straight from the master>DVD rather than making rounds out on VHS.

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Time: 17:48

The Grudge
(-) Ions