Source C:
Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Unfortunately, as with the overwhelming majority of Tool recordings that are video based, there is no specific information pertaining to what equipment was used. Bummer. This has to be a master > DVD transfer as there are not any of the normal tell-tale signs of a VHS transfer. In fact, I am sure of it. Has to be. So clear for a video, almost brilliant & not dodgy in quality at all. The recording itself may be considered a bit jerky at times but not anymore than the average filming escapade from 2002 is. The audio, however, is real nice for a video source. Filmed from the left-upper-mezzanine, this source manages to film from a very far distance away but still pull off some amount of craftsmanship. There are some very good close-ups of Adam, especially, and the rest of the band. MJK seems to be obscured more than is fair par in a video recording from this era though. There are some pretty good screen shots as well but many of the screen shots get only half the screen. This source also features a pretty nifty fade-out as the recording ends. All in all though, this is a good video source for this show and is quite enjoyable to watch. There is a rumor that there is one more film source for this show as well, time will tell.

"Buffalo. We're gonna test your memory...give you a couple chances. 'Little Pig, Little Pig - Let Me In.' <not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!> One more time, 'Little Pig, Little Pig - Let Me In.' <not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin!>"
Maynardism: "Thank you very much, Mike & John from Tomahawk. Currently in Tomahawak, formerly of Power Rangers. Little known fact. Both Power Rangers also own a Chinese food & carwash in Riverside, CA. Doing very well. Thank you very much for sharing this moment with us. We hope that we have been some source of inspiration & or healing on some level & we hope that whatever feeling you are having tonight, from this experience, we would hope that you would take that feeling home with you & in the coming weeks, coming months & in the coming years, use that feeling to create something positive. Thank you very much."




Time: 1:49:17

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)