Source D:
Sound Professionals Binaural mics (SP-BMC-1) > Battery Box > Sony MZ-R37
Source:     MD->CD->WAV->FLAC
Recorded By: Steve Stroud (dreyfuss/silentbob)
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Galen's Notes: Honestly, this does not sound very good. I made my through the entirety of this recording though. The good, is at least a capture of Tool. The bad, the sound rather sucks. The microphones have a sound that is reminiscent of recording from a stall in a toilet. Ok, maybe not that bad but when you consider the couple very good recordings out of this show, the audio is very lacking. The taper, I believe, was very noble in his attempts to document the show & all things considered pushed the equipment to the limits; that is commendable. Hearing a recording like this versus other recordings with better equipment makes it obvious that Tool is a band that commands high quality equipment to fully document the sound. That is just my opinion, not the truth; merely my reality as I see it. The one thing that confuses the hell out of me is the taper alludes to running "DAT > CD" (which may cause track transition issues BUT he used a Mini Disc. Huh?
Taper's Notes: Tool, recorded live @ the Corel Centre, in Ottawa, 08/24/02. I made the drive to Ottawa to visit a friend, and while I was there we went to see Tool and this is the end result, I had seen them twice already, once in Barrie at edgefest during the festival leg and once in Toronto on the 1st leg of the arena tour and both times had problems with the recordings but this time everything worked the way it should and
it came out pretty damn good. Not much audience noise. When I had seen them in Toronto I was so amazed at the video footage that I pretty much watched just that while the band was playing so this time I focused more on the band, I can't wait for them to start touring again. This show was recorded from section 207 row D seat 1. During Triad John from Tomahawk joins the band on stage to assist in the drumming. I have never shared my version of this show with anyone before, I believe there are other sources of this recording but this one hasn't seen the light of day until now.
More Taper's Notes (from FLAC notepad):

Disk 1:

1 - Intro
2 - Sober
3 - The Grudge
4 - Stinkfist
5 - 46&2
6 - Schism
7 - Parabol
8 - Parabola
9 - Aenima

Disk 2:

1 - Disposition
2 - Reflection
3 - Triad
4 - Lateralus
5 - Pushit (from my recording of Toronto - 09/18/01, the show is incomplete but if people
want it I'll get it up here)


1st Torrented on: Dec 3 2005

Note: I do the transfer from DAT to CD on a standalone CD burner so I add the tracks
manually while its recording, this sometimes, due to my error, causes the tracks to
start a few seconds late, if you don't like it you can fix it.

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for reminding us why we come to Canada."




CD 2


CD 1

The Grudge
(-) Ions
46 & 2