Source D:
DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony PCM-M1 (Oade Bros Mod II) @ 48 KHZ
Position: Floor / Front of Stack
Transfer: ?
Taper: Smagmapig
: 1
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Notes: To be clear, this is one of the mixes that was in the sync (Source C), same date, with the CSB>D8 mix. I've met the taper of this show a couple times; he is a very unassuming fella - very polite, nice & not anyone you would think would pull some of, if not the, sickest-sounding tapes from this tour. Honestly, maybe it was all luck or maybe it was all skill, voodoo I don't know, but whatever this taper did it just came out so well. Sometimes, very close to flawless. When you hear the guitar sort of grinding during The Grudge & you can hear what happens when nuances, details, the taping position, equipment & a little majik all come together. It's quite astounding, really. Fantastic recording. Why this never made it out on some level is beyond my comprehension as it is just drop-dead superb.


The Grudge

"Good evening. We'd like to take this time to apologize about our country. Sorry. Can we move here? Is that okay?"

(Suspicious Minds & White Lines)

"Thank you very much."


"Mike-san, John-san, of Tomahawk-san. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, John. Mike and John, very ambitious. Not only do they have Tomahawk, but they've also opened an auto parts store/chinese food take-out in London, Ontario. If you bring your ticket stub to Mike and John's chinese food/auto parts store they'll give you a discount on a muffler job and you might even pick up some extra dysentery with the Special #3. Thank you very much for coming and sharing this moment with us. Hopefully you'll leave here in some way inspired, hopefully healed on some level and, most importantly, very horny. We suggest you curl up in front of a fireplace, write some poetry and have sex... with yourself or someone else. Thank you for... coming... we'll see you soon."