Source C:
Mini Disc --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sharp MT-877
Taper: Smagmapig
Location: Front of Stack
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Notes: I recall a discussion with this taper a number of years ago pertaining to this show. I mentioned how I had some technical issues with my gear as I was trying to get inside (my little gear bag fell apart, had to use bungee); the taper said he decided to switch to the mini disc instead of his M1 DAT due to the security at this show (wands, pat-down). We both made it through & if I recall he also nabbed the set list from Knobby that evening. As it is, this source is without a doubt better than the other known as this was taper relatively front of stack (as much as you can at this venue). Sound is crisp & clean even if it is a mini disc source. This source borders on the "bad-ass". Nice job.

Maynardism: ""Mike & John from Tomahawk. Thank you very much, Mike & John; Tomahawk. As a side-not, we'd like to point out that not only are these guys innovative musicians, speaking of Tomahawk, they're also entreasures. They have opened up their own line of feminine hygiene products called Tomahawks. You can find them at your local 7-11 store open 24/7. Thank you very much for sharing this moment with us. We hope that something you've experienced here tonight will help you leave inspired, healed & or very horny. We suggest that you, go home, curl up in front of a nice fire, write some poetry & have sex. And as a bonus, you should invite someone over to have sex with you. Thank you for coming & thank you for showing up. Good night."

Time: 1:49:02

The Grudge
(-) Ions
(Suspicious Minds + White Lines)