Source A:
Mini Disc --- Sony ECM-717 > Sharp MT-821
Lineage:  MASTER MD>WAV(TOSLINK>SONY Sound Forge 7 >FLAC v1.7.1 [8]
Editing:    Fade in/out on disks' start and end. Tracking done on CD WAV Audio Editor V1.71.
Taper:      BOOTMONKEY

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Galen's Notes: Decent enough audience recording for an otherwise un-circulated source. Sound is a bit distant, tinny, flat & is less than impressive. Better than nothing though... man, I wish I could think of some colorful adjectives to place in this text; just cannot. Oh ok, here's something; had this recording been from 1996 it would be of great quality & possibly a rather sought-after recording - with the exception of some insane chicks (people?) behind the taper throughout the show. Oh man, worse than at a Primus show. The only thing I can think of after reading the taper's notes is, come on, how intense can the security in Cincinnati, OH be? I mean, come on. It's not like New York, Detroit (2nd most dangerous city in America) or Los Angeles. 
Taper's notes from FLAC notepad file:
I almost didn't bring my gear to this show. Cincinnati can be very strict on security and I didn't want to loose my rig or miss the show. I convinced my friends to all carry a piece of gear. I also brought my smallest rig, Sony ECM717 mic, which does not have very good dynamic range. It's a good thing I took precautions, security was extremely tight. Obviously I managed to get my gear in to the show. This recording is mediocre, largely due to the fact that there was a herd of cackling heifers right behind me. I told them to shut up during Maynard's speech about 9/11. On the recording it sounds like I'm saying shut up to Maynard, this is absolutely not the case. Unfortunately the noisy hens behind me had redneck boy friends that looked more interested in getting in to a fight rather than enjoying a concert. I let it drop. The show was incredible. The band was tight. Maynard even had a bit of fun with the audience

Maynardism: "Cinci. Let's see if you can, um, keep up with Cleveland. Are you paying attention? One, two, three, four: Round on the outside, high in the middle. You failed miserably. Pay attention. Round on the outside, high in the middle. Fuckin' hell."




CD 2


CD 1

1. Tuva
(mic drop at 0:07-0:08)
2. Sober
(mic level adjust 2:17)
3. The Grudge
4. (-) Ions (Maynard:
"What's high in the middle and round on the outside?")
5. Stinkfist
6. H.
7. Schism (intro)
8. Schism
9. Parabol (intro)
10. Parabol
11. Parabola
12. Opiate