Source B:
Mini-DV --- Sony Mini-DV > Audio Technica 906 (external mic) > DVD
Source B: Master > DVD
Taper:      Anonymous
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Wonderful taping job by an actual, shall we say, professional filmer. As such, he wishes to not be known nor for this recording to go any farther than myself. The recording itself is by far the clearest, sharpest & most vivid (picture-wise) I've yet had the pleasure to witness. There are some superb close-ups of each member of the band as well as some very good screen shots. Filmed from center mezzanine, the stage itself is shot quite a few times to give the scope of what Tool is doing. The only issue, per se, is that the microphones tend to brickwall a little bit, slightly, when an extreme high or low passes through them. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this recording is not just that this is very good, overall, nor due to the fact that this is the last show of the summer leg-of-the-tour but due to the rather odd love-song sung by Mike Patton of Tomahawk during the intermission. Glad the taper continued to tape during that part. All in all, quite rare & quite good.

Maynardism: "We would like to thank Tomahawk for doing this tour with us. Thank you guys, Kevin, Mike John & Dorian from Tomahawk. This is the last show of this leg. Ready to go home & masturbate to Cinemax for about three weeks. I'm not going to even think once about your needs are for three weeks. I'm going to eat food & shit for three weeks. I'm going to lay back & have some fun for three weeks. Thank you very much for sharing this precious moment with us. Always a pleasure, never a chore. Make sure to tip your waitress on the way out. And remember, always know it's never...never, use a condom on the first date. Yes. See you on the other side."




Time: 1:38:02

The Grudge
(-) Ions
<Danny messing around on the drums>
<Mike Patton of Tomahawk singing a love song>