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Sony Digital 8 --- DCR-TRV330 (Manual Focus + Exposure), Internal microphone
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Notes: For those that do not know, this particular show was the second time that Tool played Cold & Ugly in 2002 & the first time they played Third Eye since 1998. Yes, this seemed to be the show that broke up the routine of the summer & fall 2002 tour. I remember reading on TDN about this setlist, the night of the show & thinking what a bunch of bullshit, Tool would not play Third Eye. I took a special interest as the next show after this, on 10.18.02 was one I attended so the setlist was very appealing to me. Third Eye is a bit rough, Maynard messes up the outro chorus (so good to see you once again) by starting it to early, Danny is off a few beats once in a while & Adam has a little trouble during the bridge. Justin, on the other hand, seems to have it down. Please be aware that this is not a complaint about Tool's performance of this song but merely an observation. The gig has a rather intense feel to it that many '02 shows simply lack. Overall, this is one of the better filming products from 2002. The taper is fairly young & I think he will have a nice career or, at least, hobby for many years to come. Also, he seems to have a rather keen eye & a rather steady hand. I was quite surprised, this is a rather joy to sit back, watch & enjoy. The sound is not brick-walled but has a very faint crunch common in TRV330 recorders & is not as bad as I was informed of. Filmed from the upper tier on the left-center, this recording features some very good close-ups of not just one band member but of all members fairly even. Danny, in his Kansas Jersey seems to get a little more action, maybe because this was a homecoming of sorts for him, having lived in Kansas before.

Maynardism: "Think for yourself, question authority. Question authority. Question authority. Think for yourself and question authority."




Time: 2:00:16

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions

(White Lines)
46 & 2
Third Eye

<Bill Hicks intro>
<slight cut at very beginning, during MJK speech>