Source A:
DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony PCM-M1
       CSB>Sony M1>Sony MZ-R700>Sound Forge 6.0>EQ>WAV>CD (by: Galen)
Gen:               Master DAT > 1G MD > CD
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Notes - Transfer: This will definitely require a brief but detailed explanation as far as the transfer goes. Ok, this was originally recorded by a taper with a CSB>M1 set-up relatively close to the stacks. The filmer of this show, Kukykrope, knew this taper from an University class or something & managed to get a copy of this source but did not know exactly how to clone it as he had no DAT recorder, only a MD recorder. So, the taper let him put is master onto the MD. Thus, this would be considered a MD source even though it was originally recorded on DAT due to the compression from DAT>MD. Kukykrope then sent this recording to me to EQ & put to disc so he could synch it up with latter clones or versions of his 10.16.02 recording. For what it is worth, until I put this little blurb about the MD compression, no one, not a single person, made one comment about the compression. Interesting.
Notes - Odds 'n' Ends: There is a small chance that you may, one day, come across an one track of this show as well with the same time but without the fade-outs. If you do, that is the same transfer/EQ I did but is most likely from a DVD source. Someone offered this show to me as a trade, the same rip I did, but reported that it came from a CD store in LA, USA. Not sure how much of that is accurate, how much is fiction.... Stellar recording. Clear, clean, concise, precise, superb & I doubt that there are any fans who would ever object to a recording of such an interesting gig complaining about anything relating to this recording. The first performance of Third Eye since 1998, the second of Cold & Ugly on this tour. Whew. This is, without a doubt, one show + source that should & will end up in your collection... as it should. As it should. Nothing else to say, is there?    

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CD 2

Intermission (cut)

CD 1

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions
(White Lines)
46 & 2
Third Eye
<Bill Hicks intro>