Source B:
Hi8 --- Sony CCD-TRV940 w/Sound Professional mics
Source B: 1st G VHS > DVD
Taper:        Rawson
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Looking for non VHS>DVD transfer of this show w/o the VHS>DVD bar at the bottom of the recording.
Honestly, if I ever cross paths with the filmer of this show, I will buy him a beer. One of the best sounding & most professional filming from 2002, this DVD captures the essence of what Tool is when they perform live. Steady close-ups of Adam, Maynard, Justin & especially Dan present us with this question: 'how did Tool perform like this every night?' Cold & Ugly is almost all Adam &, man, it seems like he could do that song in his sleep - talk about professional. Lateralus features one of the clearest shots of Maynard as he spins around on his platform. Justin's hands are lightning on Schism & it's hard to believe how fast Dan drums. For those that care, Maynard is painted up with white "lines" on his arms, face & torso - kind of glows in the dark a little. Interesting. This is a recording, I think, no one should be without. Superb performance, recording & for overall enjoyment. Highly recommended. Possibly the best video of 2002.
Notes - from CU.org message board member: melmac, 01/27/2006:
What struck me most about this recording is the vibrant colors and clarity with which Tool's performance is captured. Truly breathtaking in more than a couple places (check out The Grudge). Although there is a slight bleeding of colors due to the analogue source, in general the recording is just about perfectly saturated/balanced. It should be noted that there are a lot of heads in the picture at times. This does not usually detract from the recording, in fact gives it a rather unique feeling as if you're really there. Audio quality is just as top notch as the video. The Sound Professionals mics make a huge difference in audio quality and really help make this recording what it is. Too often are brilliant video captures ruined by shoddy audio. Not here, the audio shines and begs to be turned up all the way. I can't find a single complaint about it. Overall, a 9/10 for an audience shot. Definitely, a must have for anyone interested in Tool live around the 2002 tour.

Maynardism: "Thank you very much for your support. And now, a word from our sponsor."




Time: 2:03:26

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions
Third Eye
(Hicks + Dr. Leary)