Source B:
Unknown Recording Equipment
Source B: Master > VHS
Source B: Unknown VHS > DVD transfer
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here (Notice the afro wig Danny is sporting)

Notes: Filmed from a little off center, on the left. Always wondered how a Tool show would be on Halloween, now, at least, I have an idea. The taper's ability is a little bit above average. Some very nice close-ups (although dark of course), the sound is pretty good but could use a little bit more bass. The high end is sort of overwhelming. The biggest issue I have is that it is a little bit darker than other tapings from this part of the tour. Also, there really are no screen shots which is both good & bad. Good performance & a good quality recording. Best of all, I now know exactly what Tool were for Halloween: Dan: A big & black afro - clown(?) Justin: He is wearing an orange mask with little devil horns, he may be MJK from 1997 - not sure, Adam: Nothing / wearing a stoic mask + Maynard:  He is painted blue. The DVD is the same source as the VHS but from, perhaps, a 1G rather than the 2G I have. but it could be a 2 or 3 Gen rip. I don't know. However, the video is rather clean & sharp unlike many VHS transfers. The one thing that you can almost 99% tell as far as VHS>DVD transfers is that many have a little bar at the bottom that has color along it; usually it is very thin & you have to sort of know what to look for. The audio on this transfer cuts in & out as well (this does go away), sounds like interference of some kind. This is not the same as on the 1G video I have so is a problem with the transfer. The taper sold this recording a few times on eBay so other VHS>DVD transfers may be around but no confirmed Master>DVD are verified and this is doubtful. I heard that the bootlegger was arrested. There may be some DVD/VHS>CD transfers out there as well.

Maynardism: "Long Island. Happy Halloween. Hello? Just checking."




Time: 1:54:57

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions
Third Eye