Source A:
Digital 8 --- Sony ECM Sony ECM-MS908C > DCR-TRV330 > DVD
Source A: Master > DVD
Taper:        Eric
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Real nice capture of what it is to be at a Tool show. The filmer was in the stands, a bit off center to the right but, I think, this show could pretty much be considered a center-shot. There are some rather nice close-ups of all band members but especially of Maynard & Adam. Filmed with a rather steady hand, the camera does jiggle every once in a while but that is -hardly- an issue one could find to actually be cause for concern. The audio aspect of this recording is good as well. There are some mini disc tapers who cannot get the clarity of this. Truth is, there are a few filmers of Tool, most are good & have enjoyable products, but some filmers, like tapers, you can tell that there is actually some know-how, some talent. Not everyone can tape a show just as not everyone can film a show. I think filmers take a larger risk than tapers due to the visibility of it all & the chances of getting nabbed are increased by an exponential.

Maynardism: "San Antonio. You don't sound so sure..."




Time: 1:56:02

Cold & Ugly
The Grudge
(-) Ions

(White Lines)
46 & 2
Third Eye